Support To Save CIPACA foundation is striving to Establish High Quality ICU & Emergency Services in every taluk/tehsil of India. Let us Be Part of this Revolution. Learn More The Lives of Rural India! Not Just Dreaming... Rural population is the life line of our country. Support us to make their lives hopeful, promising and peaceful by supporting to pay for their emergency medical treatments. View More We Are Building! One ICU In Do you want to save millions of lives in a click which are lost in transit during an emergency situation? If yes, please join hands with us! Know More Every Taluk of India!

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Who We Are

CIPACA foundation is first of its kind organization striving to Establish High Quality ICU and emergency services every taluk/tehsil of India. This will make the emergency life saving medical services reachable to every Rural Indian!

Building ICU’s

CIPACA foundation has dedicated itself to Establish world-class ICU & emergency services in every taluk of Rural India. Our Vision is to save millions of lives which are lost in rural areas due to lack of High Quality ICU & emergency services.

Funding Treatments

Imagine a family which has to spend their life savings on emergency treatment of their dear ones. CIPACA foundation comes to the rescue by funding their treatments and preventing financial slavery.

Creating Resources

Rural areas lack trained ICU doctors, nurses and paramedical staff. It takes 10 years of hard work and training to become One. CIPACA foundation provides high-quality training and creates ICU specialists and medical professionals to save lives.

Donors Community

Join CIPACA Foundations’s Donors community. This group of people believe that every life is precious and is to be saved in any situation.








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